Quartz Glass Oil Nail For 14,5mm Female (SG14F) 'OIL Black Leaf'

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The Quartz Glass Oil Nail for 14,5mm Female (SG14F) 'OIL Black Leaf' is a dab nail made of high quality Quartz Glass. The most important advantage of Quartz dab nails is that the glass is incredibly heat-resistant and durable, making it possible to dab hundreds or even thousands of times without any signs of wear. Who doesn't want that?

Another big advantage of dabbing with Quartz nails is that the glass heats quickly and holds the heat for a long time. Also, (Quartz) glass does not give off any taste or smell when heated, so that you can enjoy the delicious pure flavour of your precious concentrates without any interference.

How exactly does this oil nail work? Place it on a bong or dab rig with an SG14F (14,5mm female) attachment, and slide an oil dome over it. Heat the nail to the desired temperature with a torch lighter, and then "dab" your concentrate onto the hot oil nail. The oil or concentrate will start to melt immediately, and the dome that's over the nail makes sure that your vapour will not just go up in the air. Slowly inhale while the smoke develops, and enjoy the clean flavour of your dabs (and not to forget: an ultimate high that will make you doubt whether it was really a cannabis-extract, or maybe something stronger!). To make sure that none of the smoke gets lost, you can use a carb cap (dabber) to keep the smoke inside the dome.

This Quartz glass oil nail is made by the German bong-manufacturer Black Leaf, so you know that the material is of the highest quality and the nail is made by real craftsmen. Black Leaf is famous for its high quality bongs and dab rigs at very low prices. Buy Black Leaf oil nails directly at Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Shop of Europe and trusted Black Leaf dealer!

Note: the nail may only be heated at the "pan" to prevent expansion of the material and breaking the glass of your bong.


About The Quartz Glass Oil Nail for 14,5mm Female (SG14F) 'OIL Black Leaf':

  • High Quality Quartz Glass
  • Suitable for SG14F (14,5mm) bongs & rigs
  • Length: 40 millimeters
  • Diameter: 17/7 millimeters
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