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'RAW' Hemp Wick is the natural alternative to butane gas lighters and sulphureous matches. The wick in a bundle is made of hemp which is a renewable resource and ecologically friendly as hemp does not require any pesticides or herbicides to grow healthy and strong. The slow match is covered with beeswax and therefore waterproof. This is why 'RAW' Hemp Wick is perfect for all outdoor activities and in humid conditions.

The usage of hemp wick is very popular in the United States, and is becoming increasingly common in Europe. Hemp Wick and bongs are a great combination, because a "bong hit" requires you to keep a lighter (or a wick) by the bowl, whereas a joint keeps itself on fire as long as you keep toking. The main benefit of hemp wick vs lighter is the lower flame temperature. RAW Hemp Wick 10ft is plenty for lighting dozens, perhaps even hundreds of bong hits!

Does hemp wick smell? RAW hemp wick smells a bit like hay, but it does NOT smell like weed. You don't have to be worried about your room smelling like cannabis from lighting up your hemp wick.

Is hemp wick worth it? We definitely think so! But what are the advantages of hemp wick? What are the hemp wick pros and cons? Does hemp wick get you higher? Hemp wick on its own can't get you high, because it does not contain any cannabinoids. However, because hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a butane flame, it preserves the flavour of your herbs better than a lighter. Some people say that the hemp wick lower flame temperature also works with your herbs more efficiently, getting your higher, but there is not much proof to back up that statement. The hemp wick flame temperature is around 900 degrees Celcius (1650 Fahrenheit), while a butane flame burns more than twice as hot, at around 1900 degrees Celcius (3500 Fahrenheit). So hemp wick is good for you health, and for the best flavour of your herbs!

Does hemp wick go bad? No, hemp wick does not go bad. You can keep your hemp wick in storage for years, and it will be just as good as it was before. A hemp wick dispenser is a very handy addition to any smoker's collection! Looking for 200ft Hemp Wick?

All 'RAW' Hemp Wick packaging is made of recycled materials or hemp paper.

About The RAW Hemp Wick

  • Hemp Wick
  • Natural Hemp and Beeswax
  • Waterproof
  • Length: 3 metres (10ft)
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