How To Replace a Zippo Flint

Zippos are fantastic lighters that last for many years or even your whole life - and if it breaks, the Zippo company repairs it for free, no matter how old the lighter is! But that doesn't mean that they are completely maintenance-free. Once in a whole, you will need to replace the flint of your lighter. But how to replace a Zippo flint? Read it here!

Replacing a Zippo flint is easier than it might at first seem. You don't need any tools, just a new flint. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to equip your lighter with a new flint.

Step 1: remove the inside of the lighter from the case. This is very easy: simply open the lid of your lighter, hold the inner part with two fingers (the part with the wick inside), and pull it upwards to take it apart. You might need to pull a little harder if you have a brand new lighter or an old Zippo that hasn't been used in years. But don't worry: it is nearly impossible to break your lighter by taking it apart this way.

Step 2: on the bottom of the inside of the lighter, you'll find a screw. Remove the screw to take out the old flint. But I thought you said I didn't need any tools to fill my Zippo? That's right, you don't! Simply use the lid of your lighter and use it as a screwdriver to quickly and easily remove the screw (see the picture below).


replace zippo flint

replace zippo flint 


Step 3: after removing the screw, remove the spring from the lighter. The flint should also fall out when you remove the spring. It is possible that the last bit of the old flint got stuck between the lighter and the wheel - then you'll need to fiddle a little and remove it manually before installing the new flint. But be careful: on top of the spring is a small metal part that looks very similar to the flints. Make sure you don't throw this away and that you put it back inside the lighter, because this part makes sure that the flint remains in place properly.

Step 4: Now that the old flint is removed, you can put in the new one. This is very simply: Just drop the flint into the hole in which the spring goes, and then put the spring back in. Tighten the screw (with the lid of your lighter), and that's it! The spring will push the flint into place. Your lighter is now equipped with a new Zippo flint and ready for a second life!


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