Rosin-Tech Oil Making Kit

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The Rosin-Tech Oil Making Kit by Black Leaf is a super quick and easy way to make your own cannabis concentrates or "dabs" (wax). This kit is not only incredibly easy to use and quick, but also very safe whereas there are no chemicals needed in the process. This technique is called the "Rosin-Tech", and is a perfect way of making "solventless extracts" without any solvents such as Butane.

How does it work? Very simple: heat up the hair straightener (rosin press), roll up your dried cannabis into a little ball and fold the RAW parchment paper around it. Then put it between the pre-heated hair straightener, press it closed until you hear a hiss sound. This sound comes from the oil that is extracted from the plant material, so as soon as you hear the hiss, you know that you've just successfully made your own dabs (or "rosin")!

The next step is to open up the press, remove the plant material and use the included scraper tool to scrape the extract off the parchment paper. You could also use a dab tool for this, especially when you're dabbing the fresh extract onto your favourite dab rig. It's good to know that the Carrera hair straightener is famous for its exceptional quality and unbeatable durability, so no need to worry about it letting you down.

Thanks to the included non-stick silicone ball, you can store your freshly made dabs directly into a proper container from which you can get the extract out again later. There's also three non-stick thimbles included so that the sticky rosin doesn't stick to your fingers. Everyone who has experience with dabbing or making extracts knows how hard it is to get the glue-like substance off your fingers again. With this dabs making kit, there's no need to worry about that!

If you're planning to make your own dabs or make rosin with this Rosin-Tech Oil Making Kit, then you might want to consider buying a few seperate rosin bags to make the extraction process easier. With the rosin bags, it's much easier to seperate the plant material from the rosin. But even without these bags, you can easily make proper cannabis extracts with the Rosin Tech!

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What's included with the Rosin-Tech Oil Making Kit:

  • 1 x Carrera hair straightener / Rosin Press
  • 1 x Black Leaf Silicone Non-Stick Container
  • 3 x Black Leaf Silicone Non-Stick Thimbles
  • 1 x Black Leaf Silicone Rosin Scraper
  • 1x Black Leaf Metal Dab Tool
  • 1 x RAW Parchment Paper (Baking Paper for Dabs/Oil) (10cm x 4m)


About The Rosin-Tech Oil Making Kit by Black Leaf

  • Complete Rosin Tech Kit
  • Make Your Own Dabs / Concentraten
  • Made by Black Leaf
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