Here you can find our weed grinders / herb crushers. Grinding or crumbling your herbs without a grinder is a time-consuming job that gets your hands full of sticky dirt and powder. That is why most experienced stoners use a herb grinder. Smoking weed without a grinder is surely possible, but a grinder makes the whole job much easier, quicker and more convenient (in other words: more luxurious) than rolling a joint. But not only for rolling joints! For bong smokers, a grinder is just a important. After a while of intensive use, some grinders might become dirty with sticky residues of the herbs. We offer a very effective grinder cleaner by Black Leaf for cleaning your herb grinder easily and effectively.


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There are many different kinds of weed grinders: electrical weed grinders, weed grinders with filters (3-part or 4-part grinders), metal grinders, acrylic grinders or simply cheap grinders: we have them all! Buying a good grinder becomes child's play (although you shouldn't let your kinds play with weed grinders) at Bongify: we have a nice selection of only high quality grinders. No cheap Ebay grinders or Chinese crap, but our prices are very good! Even our own Bongify luxury grinder is a good, cheap and very durable luxurious weed grinder. Buy the best weed grinders at Bongify. Free shipping from €75,-!

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