'Black Leaf' 4-Part Herb Grinder 'In Weed We Trust'

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This 'Black Leaf' 4-Part Herb Grinder 'In Weed We Trust' is made of the highest grade aluminium which makes it incredibly strong, durable and wear-proof. The design on top of this illuminati grinder gives a new meaning to the "New World Order" - the order of weed!

Black Leaf is a German bong brand known for creating some of the highest quality smoking paraphernalia in the world, and this weed grinder is no exception: it is made of the best possible materials, has razor sharp cutting teeth, and on the outside there is a good grip for turning it around easily and comfortably, even when the grinder gets a little dirty on the inside. Because this grinder has a pollen filter, many of the trichomes (THC crystals) are filtered out by the metal screen. The trichomes can then be collected from the bottom chamber for a special joint or bong hit, or you can even press it into a ball of hash if you have collected enough trichomes. Another advantage of the 4-part system is that most of the "residues" fall through the holes into the second and third chamber, and are therefore less likely to end up between the turning parts or screw threads - this means that the grinder stays much cleaner for much longer!

Thanks to the nylon anti-friction ring between the two turning parts, this grinder turns exceptionally smooth and easy. This ring lasts for very long and should not be removed. Cleaning this grinder is very easy with a little bit of grinder cleaner and a brush. There is a magnet in the middle that holds the two turning parts together and prevents the grinder from coming apart unexpectedly. The magnet makes it turn smoothly, and makes sure that you don't lose your precious herbs. Buy the "illuminati grinder" by Black Leaf directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Shop in Europe!


This grinder is also available as a 2-part grinder without a pollen filter


About The 'Black Leaf' 4-Part Herb Grinder 'In Weed We Trust'

  • 4-Part Weed Grinder
  • Made of Aluminium
  • "In Weed We Trust" Illuminati print
  • Diameter: 50 Millimeters
  • Height: 40 Millimeters
  • Diamond-Cut Teeth
  • Colour: Green
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