Steam Stones (Hookah Stones)

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These Steam Stones (Hookah Stones) - also known as Shisha Stones or Vapour Stones - are the successors of traditional shisha tobacco. These hookah stones are completely free of tobacco and nicotine, and thus contain only flavouring and glycerine (these substances are also found in traditional shisha tobacco - the glycerine produces the thick, full smoke).

Why would you use shisha stones, instead of regular shisha tobacco? First of all, the Steam Stones are much more readily available than normal shisha tobacco, and a lot cheaper due to the lack of excise duty. It is not a tobacco product. In addition, the shisha stones without nicotine (according to the manufacturer) are a lot healthier and less addictive than normal water pipe tobacco, because it does not contain nicotine and/or tobacco. Due to the lack of tobacco, no combustion takes place. The smoke that develops is actually pure vapour (although the difference is almost unnoticeable). As a result, you logically inhale a lot less harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide and tar.

But the shisha stones offer even more advantages: they are very easy to use and do not cause any mess (unlike the normal wet shisha tobacco), and it is almost impossible to smoke the shisha incorrectly which would ruin the smoking session. Where normal tobacco is sometimes used incorrectly (for example, placed in the cup too compactly, so that the smoke production or airflow is not good), the shisha stones are "idiot-proof" and even an inexperienced shisha smoker can light the water pipe easily and well.

According to many experienced hookah smokers, the Shiazo vapor stones are the best shisha stones you can buy. Make sure that you use a suitable bowl to achieve the best results, in order to make sure that the liquid/flavors remain in the bowl for as long as possible, providing you with an ultimate smoking experience. Nowadays, many water pipes are already standard equipped with a so-called "vortex bowl" (such as the RA shishas in our range), but if you use the shisha often, it is definitely worth making sure you also use the right bowl.

These Shiazo Shisha Stones are available in the flavours Blueberry, Raspberry, Christmas, Watermelon and Green Grape.


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About The Steam Stones (Hookah Stones)

  • Alternative to Shisha Tobacco
  • Produced in Germany
  • Brand: Shiazo
  • Contains: 100 grams
  • Available in Various Flavours
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