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Steel Clipper Lighters 'Urban' (Metal)

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The classy Steel Clipper Lighters 'Urban' (Metal) are the new Zippos of the 21st century. With a full metal body, a replaceable flint mechanism and refillable with butane gas, these metal clipper lighters are incredibly durable and perfect for those who know that they deserve to smoke in luxury. Also a fantastic gift for every smoker!

These high-quality Urban Clippers are slightly smaller than most other clipper lighters. They also have a different flint design that's easier to operate, but therefore the normal separate clipper flints that we sell at Bongify don't fit in this lighter (they are too big). This smaller size clipper or mini clipper looks somewhat more luxurious while also being very popular among women, because it fits in every small pocket and is easy to bring with you. These Urban Steel Clippers are available in four colours: Silver, Gold, Grey and Black (the black is actually more of a gunmetal-grey colour). 

Clipper lighters are always great gifts for stoners, but these steel CLIPPER® lighters are especially suitable for giving away. They come in a beautiful metal gift box with protective foam and the (2-year) factory warranty paper inside. But also the lighter itself makes it a great gift: because it is such a special product that can last for many years if used properly, the receiver of this gift will be eternally grateful. And also good to know: there are sleeves for clipper lighters available that let you change the appearance of your lighter, in case you ever want it to have a fresh new look. Because the flint and the ignition pin are replaceable, and you can refill the CLIPPER® with lighter gas, the lighter is very durable. The removable ignition pin is also an ideal poker for filling pipes and joints.

Although this sleek metal lighter is basically the same as any other CLIPPER®, there are some differences: it is slightly smaller, made of steel, has a different style flame regulator wheel that's on the front side of the bottom, and two CLIPPER® engravings to clearly demonstrate that this is the real deal. Of course, it also weighs a lot more than a regular Clipper. By the way, conveniently the lighters from CLIPPER® fit perfectly in the opening of a beer bottle and close it so that wasps and other insects have no chance to crawl in!

Also available as Steel Unicorn Clipper Lighters. Find these and many more Clipper (and other) lighters at Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Shop! Free WORLDWIDE Shipping on all orders of €75 or more!

Note: on the picture, the lighter on the LEFT SIDE is "SILVER" and the SECOND FROM RIGHT is "GREY".


About The Steel Clipper Lighters 'Urban' (Metal)

  • Steel Lighters by CLIPPER®
  • Slightly Smaller Than Most Clippers
  • Refillable (with Butane Gas)
  • Replaceable Flint Mechanism
  • Including Poker for Joints/Bowls
  • Available in Silver, Gold, Grey and Black
  • Very Durable & Wear-Proof
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