Swift Lite Hookah Carbon 40mm (10pcs)

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The Swift Lite Hookah Carbon 40mm (10pcs) are easy to light, burn evenly and do not explode. The perfect "Excelsior" hookah coals at a great price in a roll of 10 pieces.

How to use the shisha coals? First, remove one or two charcoals from the sealed roll and place in a censer or heat-proof dish. Light the edge of the tablet with a match or taper. The tablet will then light itself across its surface, so it is extremely easy to light. Be sure to re-seal the open roll after removing one or two charcoals, to make sure the coals remain fresh and easy to light. When the hookah coal is fully lit (when it stops smoking and giving off sparks), you place them on top of the shisha and you're ready to go!

Be careful: once lit, the shisha coal becomes very hot and should not be touched by hand. If you need to move it, use shisha tongs to prevent accidents. And remember: do not hold it in your hand while lighting the coal!

These shisha coals are also available in 33mm (these are 40mm, for the slightly bigger shisha bowls) and we also have other brands available.

Swift-Lite Charcoal is the leading manufacturer of shisha coals in Europe. The company was founded in 1925 and has specialized in making shisha coals for fifty years. We only sell GENUINE Swift-Lite charcoal!


About The Shisha / Hookah Charcoal (10pcs) "Swift Lite"

  • Hookah Coal / Shisha Charcoal
  • Contains 10 charcoals (1 roll)
  • Diameter: 40 millimeters
  • Low-cost shisha coals
  • Made by Swift-Lite
  • Produced in Europe
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