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This Tall Bong by GLASSIC is another great piece in the lower price range. A simple but classic glass design with an attractive shape that looks good even among the more expensive pipes.

The GLASSIC brand comes straight from Amsterdam, arguably the cannabis capital of Europe. The glass of which GLASSIC bongs are produced is affordable yet of very good quality. If you use it properly, this glass bong can easily last for hundreds or even thousands of smoking sessions!

The design of this GLASSIC bong is simple but powerful. There is a modern-looking print of the GLASSIC logo on the neck of the pipe. The simple logo makes the bong look much more expensive and high-end than it really is. If you prefer a coloured bong, have a look at one of our categories in the menu, because we have plenty in stock! We sell bongs from GLASSIC, Black Leaf, Blaze, Grace Glass and many more brands.

Whereas this bong has a carbhole on the side, you can easily control the airflow by using just one finger. Close the hole, draw the bong full of smoke, release your finger and inhale the smoke!

The Tall GLASSIC Bong is very easy to clean. You can clean it using warm tap water, but after a while there could be limescale that remains on the glass, as well as some stubborn impurities from the smoke (tar) that are filtered out by the water. But don't worry! Bongify has a wide assortment of effective cleaning products such as brushes and cleaning solutions that keep your bong 100% hygienic and looking like new; so that every day again you can enjoy a shining bong like the day it came new out of the box!

We only sell genuine GLASSIC bongs


About The Tall GLASSIC Bong:

  • Attachment: SG19 18,8mm
  • Shape: Round Beaker
  • Glass Colour: Transparent
  • Height: 42 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Nicely Finished Mouthpiece
  • With Kickhole / Carbhole
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