The Highest Gifts: Bongify’s Guide to The Best Weed Christmas Gifts (and birthday gifts) for Stoners

We all have a special stoner friend, fam, or partner crazy for weed and paraphernalia. What better moment than Christmas to show to this person our love and appreciation? This time, instead of the traditional wool sweater or chocolate box, you can make a lucky person happy by choosing a cannabis-related gift for stoners. We prepared this guide to the perfect gift to help you in the choice. It’s not easy to beat a big bag of weed as a present for a stoner, but we’re sure that the gifts we have selected in this guide will delight the receiver. If the receiver is you, that’s even better!

Best gifts for stoners under 25 €

There’s a lot of cool stuff that you can purchase for less than 25 € in our shop. Inexpensive does not mean cheap. We have selected for you some of the best and most sought-after items available in our shop for you to make a fantastic gift to a stoner without breaking the bank.

Smoke Water

An innovative product designed right here at Bongify, Smoke Water is a special water that keeps bongs clean even after several bowls. Smoke Water is 100% natural and odourless, and it’s the perfect gift for those stoners obsessed with shiny glass. This is a consumable, which means that it is a gift that can be repeated on future occasions.

Rolling tray

Colourful, useful and cool, rolling trays are an indispensable item in the arsenal of each and every stoner. You can find a vast selection of rolling trays here at Bongify; you can take a look at the trays here and choose the perfect model for your stoner friend. They are very collectible, meaning that it holds its value very well, just like a classic car or a beautiful painting.


rolling tray

Rolling trays are extremely handy and colourful gifts that don't cost very much and last for a very long time.


Charcoal filters

Another useful little consumable, charcoal filters make the smoking experience smoother while filtering much of the unwanted tar in smoke. A gift that says “I care for you” will be surely appreciated.

Stash Pro jar

With a capacity for 260 grams and made of premium glass and aluminium, the Stash Pro jar is another cool item designed entirely right here at Bongify. This is not your usual jar; this is the ultimate weed storage unit. It features a 100% airtight rubber seal, an aluminium lid with Bongify’s original logo engraved on it, a removable UV silicon screen to keep the light out, capacity for a lot of weed, and comes in a beautiful box. The Stash Pro is available in three colours: gold, rose gold and black.

Wooden spliff box

Wooden boxes are a stylish way to keep weed and smoking supplies organized. Plus, there’s nothing like the warmth of wood to say to someone that you care. A medium-sized wooden box has enough space for filters, papers, lighter. It also includes a v-shaped rolling aid.


joint stash box

Perhaps THE perfect gift for a messy stoner: a Spliff Box combined with a Bongify Luxury Grinder


Gift bong

A bong is an indispensable tool for every stoner. Bongs look cool, hit hard and deliver smooth, cool smoke. A bong like this one comes in beautiful colours and includes a stylish gift box with blue velvet, ready to be wrapped for an exclusive Christmas (or birthday) gift.


Cake mold for space cake

Hold on a second. What's so special about a cake mold? Not very much, but this one is shaped like a cannabis leaf for baking REAL weed cakes! If your friend (or whomever you're buying a gift for) likes baking (or likes special cakes), then this relatively cheap weed gift may buy you eternal gratitude.


space cake mold

Never again make the mistake of eating the wrong cake - now you know which is which!


Best gifts for stoners under 50 €

50€ is a great budget for a present. This budget will allow you to expand your possibilities into the world of borosilicate bongs, dab rigs and other cool little stoner things. Let’s see a few of the best gifts for stoners 50€ can buy.

Borosilicate bong

Borosilicate is a kind of glass designed specifically to be used in high temperatures, which makes it perfect for bongs and bowls. You can filter our bong selection and bring up all of the bongs within a certain price range, or simply click this link and explore our offer. Check out, for example, this beautiful piece by Thug Life.

Borosilicate dab rig

Dab rigs are special bongs designed to be used with concentrates. They are generally smaller than normal bongs, and feature multiple cooling systems to make the inhalation as smooth and silky as possible. The perfect gift for every dabbing enthusiast. Check out this model, featuring an efficient drum percolator and a bent mouthpiece, perfect for taking huge dab hits.

Cross Lighter + power bank/solar panel combo

A Cross Lighter with power bank is the perfect gift for the stoners that like to be out in the open air, but not only. A Cross Lighter is the last lighter you’ll ever need: windproof, powered by electricity, rechargeable and sturdy. Paired with its power bank, which gives the lighter extra range, it will light up many, many joints. It can even be paired with a solar panel, to recharge it on those sunny days out in the nature.

Nectar collector

Another indispensable tool for dabbers, a nectar collector allows for taking big dabs in the easiest way. Warm up the glass tip, put it close to the concentrate and it will instantly turn into delicious vapour. This premium nectar collector by Black Leaf features an integrated water-cooling system to make the hit cool and smooth. It is versatile enough to be used with herbs – just swap the nectar tip with the included bowl, and you are good to go.

Best gifts for stoners under 75 €

75€ is the perfect budget for presents here at Bongify. In fact, we offer worldwide free shipping for orders of 75€ or above! This means that you can get your order shipped right at your home wherever you are in the world. Or, you can simply put the address of the receiver of your present when you do your order, and we’ll take care of the shipping.

Bong + Smoke Water combo

A set including a fine borosilicate bong and Bongify’s proprietary Smoke Water will look shiny and pristine forever, making this the perfect addition to the arsenal of a true bong enthusiast. Check out this showstopping 24-arm percolator bong by Black Leaf. The percolator arms offer unmatched cooling power; however, they can be difficult to clean. Not if used in combination with Smoke Water though, that will make the cleaning process fast and easy.

Premium grinder + hash grinder combo

Grinders are a useful tool for stoners; they break up and shred the herb to make it ready for joints, bong bowls and vaporizers. Some of the best grinders feature a pollen catcher, a special compartment with a sieve capable of catching and storing the trichomes that separate from the weed. At Bongify, we offer also a unique hash grinder called ZenPen. What a better gift for a stoner than a set containing a premium aluminium grinder with pollen catcher such as this one, paired with the beautiful ZenPen.

Dab rig + jet lighter combo

Dabbers are always looking for the ultimate dab rig and torch combos. You can make the life of a lucky dabber easier with this fantastic gift: a mini dab rig with mushroom percolator, paired with a powerful butane torch to heat up even the thickest quartz or titanium bangers. And, there’s still a little bit of budget to add a bottle of SmokeWater to the bundle.

Dynavap M vaporizer

That’s right, 75€ are enough money to purchase the 2020 DynaVap M model, the one an only true gateway to the realm of butane vaporizers. The M is a workhorse of a vaporizer: super durable, made with premium materials, easy to use. It delivers conduction-quality vapour with incredibly tasty first hits, and cannabinoid-packed later hits. Add a torch lighter to the present, and the recipient will have all to start vaping with DynaVap. The M natively fits 10mm female bong connectors.

Dynavap BB6 vaporizer

The bong-specific alternative to the M is the DynaVap BB6 model. The BB6 natively fits 10mm and 14mm female bong connectors, has no carb hole to allow for those milkier bong rips, and features a steel tip that can be used also with the M’s stem. All you need to use the BB6 is a bong (it can also be used without) and a butane jet lighter. BB6 is available in pink or blue glass.

Fenix mini vaporizer

A great gift for the technological stoner, an electronic vaporizer works by heating the herbs thanks to a battery-powered oven. This little vaporizer delivers big clouds of tasty vapour at the touch of a button. It can be recharged via USB port and can even be used in combination with a bong for ultra-smooth hits (the bong adapter is sold separately).

Best gifts for stoners under 100 €

A 100€ present sure is for a special person. We have many premium products and sets here at Bongify that fit this budget. So, we selected the coolest ones according to us, just to make your life easier when it comes to choosing a gift for a stoner. Take a look at the options in the list that follows.

Premium bong

Here’s our selection of bongs from the finest brands in the 100€ (approximately) price tag. You’ll find more than 50 pieces made of the best borosilicate glass, featuring multiple percolators, recycling functions, and stylish designs.

Dab rig + jet lighter + SmokeWater combo

Another option in the 100€ price range is a combination of dab rig with butane torch and SmokeWater. A complete set to start dabbing right away, perfect for the experienced dabber or the novice that is approaching just now the realm of sticky cannabis concentrates.

BB6 + Dynacoil combo

DynaVap’s special BB6 all-glass model was designed to work best in combination with bongs. This little thing delivers vapour of incredible quality; something that every cannabis enthusiast should try at least once in a lifetime. If paired with Dynacoil, the BB6 becomes an awesome cold-start dabbing machine that just needs to be tried to be understood.

Premium hooka + accessories combo

A hookah is a traditional middle-eastern water pipe meant to be used with maasses, a flavoured tobacco blend. Hookahs can be also used to smoke weed, hash, and concentrates. This is one of the finest examples of hookah available: an all-glass (borosilicate), stylish and functional piece that will stand out in any collection. Add a pack of flavoured hookah stones to make the perfect gift. Hookahs can be used with SmokeWater to make the experience even smoother and the cleaning process a breeze.

Best gifts for stoners from 100 € and upwards

Dynavap Omni

DynaVap’s flagship model, the Omni is a gorgeous-looking butane-powered vaporizer capable of delivering vapour of exceptional quality. The Omni is entirely made of medical grade titanium, feature an adjustable carb hole and works great in combination with DynaVap’s induction heater or simply any butane jet lighter. Once you try a butane vaporizer such as the Omni, there’s no turning back to smoking. So, it’s a present that will help preserve the recipient’s health, and nothing shows more love than that!

Dynavap starter pack + Dynacoil combo

This is a great present to introduce a friend to the world of vaporizing with one of the best, if not the best, butane vaporizer on the market. This kit includes everything needed to thoroughly enjoy your vaping sessions with DynaVap. The kit includes a DynaVap 2021 M model, a powerful triple-torch jet lighter, orings and an extra screen, DynaVap’s special wax, and a beautiful wooden stash with magnet to store the M and to cool it down between one hit and the next. Pair this kit with a Dynacoil to use the M as a cold-start dab nail as well.

Bong + vaporizer + SmokeWater combo

Vaping through water is probably the safest, most effective way of using cannabis with the exception made for edibles. A vaping-through-water set could include a vaporizer such as the DynaVap VonG, especially designed to work with most bongs, a little waterpipe such as this one, perfect for vaporizers, and a bottle of SmokeWater. Everything you need to make Christmas (or a birthday) shiny and high. 

Premium bong/dab rig

Check out this beautiful dab rig, the Galileos by Black Leaf. Designed to work best with dabs, it features an efficient recycler function that cools down and filters the vapour. It can also be used with a normal bowl for dried flowers. With its striking steampunk looks, the Galileos sure is a perfect gift for gamers and stoners.

Still not sure on the perfect weed present?

Some stoners are just too hard to please! Purchase an original Bongify gift card and let the receiver decide the perfect present. Gift cards are available in 25€ and 100€ options. The user of the card can choose to spend the card for one product or a combination of products. 

Christmas sale

Take a look at our Christmas Sale. We currently have loads of discounted products available: gorgeous borosilicate bongs, lighters, premium grinders, consumables and more. You’ll sure find a fantastic and original present for a stoner friend that fits your budget!

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