Thug Life Bong (Acrylic) Purple

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The Thug Life Bong (Acrylic) Purple is one of the coolest and most expressive acrylic bongs we have at Bongify. Although it is a very simple bong, it does its job very well and has various other advantages: this bong is super easy to clean, incredibly durable, has a comfortable mouthpiece and a kickhole (or carbhole) for easy inhalation.

If you are looking for a simple, cheap, but good bong, then look no further! This Thug Life bong has no special features, but that is not what this bong is all about: this bong is about getting a lot of value for your money (and looking cool while smoking). Even though it is a simple bong, the level of finishing and the quality of the materials used are excellent. You can take it with you to friends, to the beach, to the park or to festivals EASILY, because it is light and not too big, but very strong and durable. 

The Thug Life bong is very easy to clean because of the straight shape, so you can reach the whole inside with a bong cleaning brush and get it looking like new again. But what makes it even easier, is that the metal bowl can be screwed off to be cleaned seperately. This way, you can let it soak in hot water to remove stubborn residues. The large acrylic foot gives this bong a lot of stability, so you don't need to worry about it falling over so easily. And last but not least: thanks to the fairly wide tube of 5 centimeters, you can fill it with a BIG cloud of smoke a be a real "thug life" bong toker!


About The Thug Life Bong (Acrylic) Purple

  • Straight Acrylic Bong
  • With 'Thug Life' Print
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 50 Millimeters
  • Metal Bowl with Rubber Plug
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece Ring
  • Colour: Purple Silver
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