Vapocane Review & User Guide - 100% Convection All-Glass Butane Vaporizer

Intro: What in the world is a Vapocane?

Vapocane is an all-glass, 100% convection, butane-powered vaporizer. That is, one of the hardest-hitting devices for dry herbs available on the market. It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s easy to use, and delivers vapour of incredible quality. Vapocane works in combination with a bong, for super-smooth cool hits, or with any j-hook, including the proprietary Cane-gun. Would you like to know more about this amazing little vaporizer? Read this article to learn everything about the Vapocane.


What are Vapocane’s parts?

Vapocane design speaks of a no-nonsense, highly functional device made of just a few parts. The whole system is made of only three components:

  1. The bowl: this is where you put the ground herbs. It works best with approximately 0.2-0.3 grams of material, loosely packed and just slightly pressed with a finger. The bowl fits a 14mm female bong connection, or an 18.8mm with the included adapter. It features a small Vapocane logo.

  2. The screen: the stainless-steel screen holds your material in place and prevents bits and pieces from reaching your mouth. It is a high-quality screen and will last a long time, but you still get five of them included in the package.

  3. The air intake: this is Vapocane’s key element. Its shape slows down the flame from a jet lighter, mixes it with fresh air, then injects it right onto the bowl. This allows for even vaporization and ultra-efficient convection-based extraction.



Figure 1 - The Vapocane kit next to a bong with reclaim catcher, a jet lighter, a metal skewer and a laundry clip


How does Vapocane work?

Vapocane works by heating up the herbs until they reach the vaporization point. It uses the heating power coming from a butane jet lighter, so it’s much more powerful than most electronic vaporizers. There are two main ways in which you can vape with your Vapocane:

Direct draw

This technique delivers 100% convection vapor. Just aim the tip of the flame coming from the jet lighter (not the internal light blue flame, but the external one) to the tip of the air intake and inhale. You will hear a distinctive whistle as the air gets sucked through the system. Soon the vapor will reach you: you can monitor vapor production by looking at it as it flows through the glass.

On butane

Some people may wonder if inhaling butane is safe. When using Vapocane, you are not inhaling butane; rather the by-product of the combustion of butane. The same thing happens every time you light up a bowl with a lighter, with a difference, though. Jet lighters burn very cleanly and efficiently. Provided the butane you are using is pure, its by-product of combustion is harmless water vapor.


If you prefer not to use the direct draw technique, you can use a pre-heat technique. It consists in heating up the external part of the glass intake for a few seconds, until it becomes warm enough to start the vaporization process. This creates less convection heat and more conduction, but, in a nutshell, you can get great clouds out of your Vapocane with this method too. It just needs a little more time and patience.

What are the effects of Vapocane?

The effects from the Vapocane are surprisingly good. It hits hard, extracts a lot in a very short period of time, and delivers a cosy, velvety cloud of vapor that goes right in the head. There’s no grogginess or couch-lock as when you smoke a spliff with tobacco; just the pure effect of the strain you are vaping. With Vapocane, a little goes a long way. 0.2 grams of dry herbs can launch you into orbit in a matter of a few seconds.


vapocane bowl

Figure 2 - A loaded Vapocane bowl


Will the Vapocane help me preserve my herbs?

Vaporizers in general are very efficient, and Vapocane makes no exception. The fact that it’s butane-powered means that you will be harnessing the power of fire, the most potent source of heat available for a vaporizer. The Vapocane can extract very thoroughly every microgram of active susbstance contained in the herb, leaving behind just a dark brown leftover called AVB (already vaped bud). In fact, AVB can be further used to make edibles or tinctures. There’s no better way to make the most of your herbs than a vaporizer such as the Vapocane (or the more expensive DynaVap, for example).

What can I vape in a Vapocane?

Vapocane can be used to vape dry herbs, hash and concentrates. It shines with dry herbs, but performs great also with other materials and consistencies. Read further to learn how to vape different materials in the Vapocane.

  • Herbs: Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse grind and load the bowl with approximately 0.3 grams of material. Pack loosely, pressing with a finger or a wooden chopstick. Do not overpack or over-press to avoid hot-spots and combustion when vaping.

  • Hash: You can load the hash directly onto the screen. Prepare it by breaking it in big chunks. Position approximately 0.3-0.4 grams of hash on the screen without pressing it. You can also mix hash and weed in the same bowl.

  • Concentrates: You can place your concentrates on a small ball of organic cotton such as Vapewool. Use approximately 0.1 grams per time.


How do I use a Vapocane?

Using the Vapocane is easy and rewarding. You just need some material to vape and a good quality butane lighter. Follow the instructions below, and you’ll get perfect hits from your Vapocane vaporizer.


vapocane with bong

Figure 3 - vapocane mounted on a bong+reclaim catcher setup


Preparing the herbs

Prepare your herbs by grinding them with a quality grinder or with a pair of small scissors. A medium-coarse grind works best with the Vapocane. A smaller grind will produce too much particulate that can make it past the screen.

Packing the bowl

Position the screen inside the bowl. Pack approximately 0.2-0.3 grams of herbs in the bowl. With Vapocane, more is less. Never overpack the bowl and don’t press the material; the objective is to allow unrestricted airflow for the herbs to cook evenly. Not doing this may result in scorching and combustion.

Positioning bowl and air intake

Place the bowl in your bong or j-hook. If you are using an 18.8mm, use the included adapter. Then, place the air intake on top of the bowl.

Flame adjustment

Use a powerful jet lighter with an adjustable flame. Set the flame to a length of approximately 2.5 - 3cm.


Aim the tip of the external flame (the dark blue part) at the tip of the air intake. Keep the flame at an angle, rather than firing it directly downwards into the intake. You can start to inhale right away.


Take a long, deep drag from your bong or j-hook. You will hear the air intake make a whistling sound as you inhale. The vapour from the Vapocane is very smooth, you’ll barely not notice it. Guide yourself by observing how the bong or j-hook get filled with vapor.

Alternative method

Heat up the external part of the air intake for one or two minutes, or until you start to see a tiny amount of vapor steaming out from the material. At this point, inhale. If you see and feel no vapor, then stop inhaling and heat up some more.

Both methods can yield up to 4 big hits. If you packed the bowl correctly, you won’t need to stir the herb between one hit and the next. If you notice that there are black spots in your herb, remove the intake with a wooden laundry clip and give it a stir with a toothpick.

Clearing the bowl/handling the air intake

Be always careful when handling the air intake and bowl. They tend to get very hot during the session. Never touch a hot element with your bare hands. We found that wooden laundry clips make for a perfect Vapocane handling tool. After the bowl is spent, clean it from the AVB and you’re good to load it again.


vapocane clothespin

Figure 4 - Handle the air intake carefully after use


How do I clean and maintain a Vapocane?

Vapocane’s maintenance is super-easy. As for any piece of glass intended for vaping or smoking, it requires nothing more than a little loving and caring to last for a very long time. Whenever you feel like the bowl and screen are too dirty, just soak them in an ISO-based bong cleaning solution such as Pipe Juice. Leave it to soak for a few minutes, then remove the residues with a paper towel or pipe cleaner. Then, rinse everything under running water and let dry in the air.


vapocane avb and reclaim

Figure 5 - Right after use, ready for cleaning


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