'VAPONIC' Portable Glass Vaporizer

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The 'VAPONIC' Portable Glass Vaporizer is one of the best, perhaps THE best, portable vaporizer that is manually heated using a lighter flame. The flame does not get in direct contact with the herbs; the herbal mixture is heated using the hot air from the flame. The Vaponic is a so-called convection vaporizer, which means that the heat is indirectly transfered to your herbs. The Vaponic comes in a pen-marker style case for ultimate discreetness: this means that you can easily stash it in any pencil box, in your car, at the office, or WHEREVER THE FUCK YOU WANT without anyone suspecting that you're a stoner! Isn't that great? The VAPONIC is heated with the patented "double airflow vaporizing system". The inhaled vapour is indredibly tasty, strong and well-cooled.. much better than most electrical vaporizers! 

Whereas the VAPONIC is made of heat-proof (and scratch-proof) borosilicate glass, also known as scientific glass or laboratory glass (of 3mm thick), there's no need to worry about the durability of this manual vaporizer. It can easily last for MANY YEARS, even DECADES, when used properly! The other materials, such as the stainless steel and the medical-grade-silicone lid, are all of superior quality. Thanks to this fact, the vapour of your herbs is as clean and healthy as can be!

The VAPONIC is proudly made in Europe and under strict quality control. Efficient and easy to use.


The 'VAPONIC' Portable Glass Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1pc inner tube with 1 inner filter
  • 1pc outer tube
  • 1pc screen
  • 1pc silicone connecting piece
  • 1pc marker shaped case (consisting of 1pc hollow marker1pc silicone lid)
  • 1pc multifunctional tool


About The 'VAPONIC' Portable Glass Vaporizer

  • Portable Glass Vaporizer
  • Discreet Pen Marker Style
  • Patented Double Airflow System
  • Made of Laboratory Glass and Medical Grade Silicone
  • Mechanical Convection Vaporizer (Heated with a Lighter)
  • For Vaporizing Dried Herbs
  • Length: 14,5 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 17 Millimeters
  • With "VAPONIC" logo
  • Made in Europe
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