6-Arm Dome Percolator Ice Bong

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This 6-Arm Dome Percolator Ice Bong is a heavy, thick and durable percolator bong made by German bong manufacturer Black Leaf. This high quality bong is made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass, making this bong much more scratch and heat resistant, and much stronger, than bongs made of regular glass. The bong itself is 36 centimeters tall, with a diameter of 45mm. The Black Leaf logo is printed beautifully on the side of the bong. The 6-arm Tree Percolator can be filled with water, cooling and filtering your smoke very well. The Diffuser Downstem cools, filters and smoothens the smoke even more. But there's more: the dome percolator, which also functions as a splash guard, diffuses the smoke one last time before going through the Ice Notches, which can be filled with ice cubes for an immensely smooth and optimally cooled smoke. The Kickhole, also known as a Carbhole, can be closed with the included rubber plug to make cleaning much easier. 


6-Arm Dome Percolator Ice Bong quick overview

  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • With Black Leaf logo
  • 360mm Tall
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Grind: Downstem SG19 (18,8mm), Bowl SG14 (14,5mm)
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • With 6-Arm Percolator
  • With Ice Notches
  • Carbhole / Kickhole with Rubber Plug
  • With Diffuser Downstem
  • Heavy and Durable
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