'Black Leaf' Glass Bong Bowl & Screen

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This 'Black Leaf' Glass Bong Bowl & Screen is a glass bong bowl with an integrated glass bong screen. This amber-coloured bowl looks really good and is made of high quality glass. The fitting for in the bong or downstem is SG14, or 14,5mm. Thanks to the integrated screen, you never need to buy bong screens again. The only thing you need to do every once in a while, just like with every other bowl, is clean it. You can easily clean your bong bowl with a little cleaning alcohol, benzine or bong cleaner. The brand, Black Leaf, is a renowned bong brand from Germany, well-known for its high quality and very low prices. The amber-coloured handle is not only very handy, eg. for lifting the bowl out of the bong to inhale all smoke at once, but also simply looks amazing. This bowl recommended for every bong smoker.


Black Leaf Bong Bowl & Screen overview

  • Glass Bowl with Integrated Glass Screen
  • Made of High Quality glass
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • With Amber-Coloured Handle
  • Fitting: SG14 (14,5mm)
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