'Black Leaf' Glass Recycler Bong with Showerhead Diffusor

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The 'Black Leaf' Glass Recycler Bong with Showerhead Diffusor is a unique piece by the German bong brand Black Leaf. It is equipped with a showerhead diffusor, a recycle chamber and 2 tubes through which the water is drawn up into the recycle chamber. Thanks to the recycle function, the water swirls up into the recycle chamber and then flows back down into the main chamber. This doesn't only look very cool, but it also drastically improves cooling and filtration of the smoke! Harmful substances such as tar stick to the wall with as a result: a much cleaner and softer smoke that is less scratchy on the throat. The height of the bong is 21,5 centimeters. When the smoke is drawn into the bong it enters the smoke chamber through the showerhead diffuser. That's where the fun starts. 
An angular cut glass bong bowl with a handle is included. It fits on the male SG14 (14,5mm) grinding of the bong. The handle also functions as a roll-stop to prevent it from falling off a desk or table. This bong does not have a seperate downstem. The mouthpiece is comfortable to smoke from and the round glass foot provides plenty of stability for careless smoking pleasure. The "Recycle Black Leaf" logo makes it clear that this is a special smoking device. 

About The 'Black Leaf' Glass Recycler Bong with Showerhead Diffusor

  • Glass Recycle Bong
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • With Showerhead Diffusor
  • Height: 21,5 centimeters
  • SG14F (14,5mm female)
  • "Recycle Black Leaf" logo
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