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Looking for the best bong brands? Bongify offers the best European bong brands at the lowest prices you will find. The German bong brands Blaze Glass and Black Leaf make up the biggest part of our assortment. In our opinion, Blaze Glass and Black Leaf are some of the best quality bong brands in the world: their bongs are affordable, well made and made of high quality borosilicate glass. We don't focus on cheap bong brands because we want to sell cheap bongs: we strive to offer high quality bongs at low prices. 

Most major bong brands and popular bong brands are incredibly expensive, even just their basic bongs. Bongify doesn't want to sell overpriced products. Take a look at our bongs, or bong accessories, and see for yourself. We see no value in expensive luxury bong brands when our affordable brands provide the same kind of luxury. We want nothing affordability, value for money and satisfied customers.

Bongify will be adding some more unique, affordable bong brands in the future. We want to be a one-stop shop for everyone who needs anything bong-related. Browse our bong brands below or have a look in the menu.


Blaze Glass
Black Leaf
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