Corncob Pipe

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This traditional corncob pipe is ideal for on the road, at home or somewhere where you can not bring large bongs. This corn cob pipe is made of wood, a piece of corn cob and gypsum / filler. How can you smoke more naturally than from a pipe made from a plant? This small pipe is 9 centimeters long, and is smoothly sanded to prevent sharp edges. Maiskolf pipes have been produced for decades to hundreds of years, and are a cheap alternative to the more expensive wooden pipes. That's why these corncob pipes have always been very popular with the "lower" population classes, such as farmers. Nevertheless, these corn pipes are also quite durable. A corn cob pipe is recommended for anyone who longs for the clean, natural and tasteful smoking experience of a pipe without too much fuss. Maiskolf pipes can be smoked with tobacco, flavored tobacco, cannabis, hashish and possibly with opium.


About The Corncob Pipe

  • Small Pure Pipe made of Wood / Corncob
  • Length: 9 centimeters
  • Perfect for the quick hit
  • For smoking tobacco or cannabis
  • 2 different colours, no choice possible
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