'Grace Glass' Bong 'OG SERIES' Perfect Grip (with Spiral Perc)

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This green Beaker Grace Glass bong is an excellent piece of glass art that can offer you a brilliant smoking experiece! It is made of a high quality heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a beaker base tube. Your precious herbs or tobacco are placed onto the green bowl, coming with a handle, for helping you lift it up and clean it at your convenience. The bowl connects to a detachable chillum through a sure ground of 18.8mm diameter. A green spiral percolator bubbles up your smoke, smoothing your toke, and a green splashguard in the shape of a dome prevents water from splashing in your mouth. Some ice noches will hold a few cubes, for cooling your smoke, and a kickhole with a rubber carb stopper will give you the option of enjoying a different pull angle! With the Grace Glass logo featuring on the perc chamber, the whole set-up ends up in a cosy mouthpiece ring through some beautifully shaped glass beads.

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