Hemp Wick

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Hemp Wick is a great solution for lighting your bong, waterpipe or cigarette the healthy way. Instead of inhaling both burnt and unburnt butane gases, you can now simply light the hemp wick and enjoy a much more clean tasting and longer lasting bong hit. The biggest advantage of lighting a bong with hemp wick, is that the burning temperature is much lower than when using a butane gas flame. This results most of all in a much better taste. Hemp Wick burns like a candle, but doesn't taste like a candle: exactly what you want for lighting a bong, joint, waterpipe or cigarette.

The Hemp Wick is made of hemp (duh) coated in natural bees wax. Because hemp is a natural product, the colour of your hemp wick can be slightly different from the one in the picture, but they are all from the same source. The hemp wick ball is about 60 meters long, and because you only need a small piece to light your bong, it will basically last forever.


  • 60 meters / 200 ft long
  • Made of organic hemp coated in natural beeswax
  • Lower burning temperature
  • Perfect for lighting bongs, cigarettes, cigars, etc.
  • Colour can be slightly different
  • Hits last longer and taste cleaner'
  • The Hemp Wick lasts much longer
  • You no longer inhale butane gases
  • Cheaper than Raw hemp wick
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