Quartz Dabbing Banger 90° Angle SG10F

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This Quartz Dabbing Banger 90° Angle SG10F is a high quality oil banger made of Quartz glass. This is an amazing banger for smoking oil, wax or concentrates with your bong, also known as dabbing.

Quartz glass is the best material for making high-end dabbing bangers, because of several things. First, when comparing Quartz glass to Borosilicate glass, Quartz holds the heat much better and longer. This is very convenient when smoking oil, or "dabbing". Heat the glass red hot, let it cool down a little, and place your wax into the bong using a dab tool. Whereas borosilicate glass can show signs of wear after being used very often due to thermal expansion of the glass, the Quartz glass is mostly resistant to wear. Not only because Quartz glass shows very little thermal expansion, but also because it has a very high thermal shock resistance. If you want a durable banger, you want a Quartz banger.

This bho banger has an SG10F grinding or socket (10mm female). This means that it fits on many small oil rigs, but most larger sized bongs are equipped with a SG14 or SG19 grinding instead of this SG10F, so make sure you have the right size. However, it is possible to connect this banger to a SG14 or SG19 bong using a bong adapter.

The oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding of the bong can break in cause of the expansion of the material.


About The Quartz Dabbing Banger 90° Angle SG10F

  • Quartz Dabbing Banger 90° Angle SG10F
  • Made of High Quality Quartz Glass
  • Grind: SG 10F (10mm Female)
  • For Smoking Oil and Concentrates / Extracts
  • Length: 65 millimeters
  • Bowl Diameter: 16 millimeters
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