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Bongify has a large assortment of high quality bong adapters / converters. Whether you're looking to buy a bong adapter for dabs, a 14mm or 18mm bong adapter to fit different size bowls or change the angle, we have what you need! Most of our bong adapters are made by Black Leaf, which is a renowned German bong brand famous for their low prices while using high quality materials. And so are their bong adapters: cheap and strong. 

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Bongify offers many bong adapter sizes (18mm to 14mm adapter, 14mm to 18mm, both male and female) and shapes, with bong angle adapters, drop down adapters and distance adapters. Drop-down adapters and distance adapters are designed to keep the heat extreme from dabbing away from the bong. BHO Bong adapters for wax (shatter, dabs) can be found under dabbing accessories. Whether you're looking for bong adapters in Canada, UK, or anywhere else in Europe, we can ship them right to your doorstep. Looking for bong adapter clips, bong filter adapter, hookah bong adapter, silicone bong adapters or titanium bong adapters? You've come to the right place! We also have many vaporizer bong adapters: with the Arizer bong adapter, Boundless (CFX) bong adapter, Crafty bong adapter, Volcano bong adapter (and many more, such as VapCap, Vapman and PAX) you can enjoy your bong with steam from you favourite vaporizer, instead of burning the herbs in a bong bowl. If you want to inhale cleaner smoke with less impurities, you can try the carbon adapter for bongs by Black Leaf (Aktivkohle adapter). Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message and we will do our best to help!

Simple, but high quality bong adapters and converters. Fit together different size bowls, downstems and other accessories perfectly.

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