'RAW' Classic Rolls Cigarette Paper Kingsize (3 meters)

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These 'RAW' Classic Rolls Cigarette Paper Kingsize (3 meters) are the ultimate rolling papers for rolling king size joints. The "RAW" Paper Rolls are made of raw, organic and unbleached natural plant fibres. Each pack contains one roll of three meters long organic, unbleached rolling paper. If you want a 30cm long joint, you simply tear off 30 centimeters of the rolling paper roll, and you're good to go! 

All RAW rolling papers are made in Spain. The width of the rolling paper roll is 54mm, which is "king size". In contrary to many other rolling paper rolls, the ones made by RAW are of excellent quality and are of the same quality as all other RAW rolling papers. The taste is very minimal, and burning is slow and evenly thanks to the high quality materials and unique structure of the papers. These papers let you enjoy the pure flavour of your herbs, and are free of chemical additives. Many rolling paper brands use chemicals to make the ashes look extra white, but RAW wants to offer you the real natural smoking experience.

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'RAW' Classic Rolls Cigarette Paper Kingsize (3 meters)

  • RAW Organic Rolling Paper on a roll
  • One Roll of 3m Long Rolling Paper
  • Size: 54 x 3000 millimeters (King Size)
  • Made of organic, natural unbleached fibers
  • Made in Spain
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