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Where can you buy rolling papers and filters tips? At Bongify, of course! We have a wide selection of cheap rolling papers and filter tips, but also many special papers such as golden rolling papers, glasspapers, kingsize papers, coloured rolling papers, flavoured rolling papers, hemp papers, blunt wraps and transparent rolling papers. Want to smoke weed without rolling papers (if legal in your country, of course)? A bong is the perfect way of enjoying your herbs without any papers or tobacco. But even we enjoy a joint or blunt every once in a while, and when you smoke you want to be sure you have some good papers. In our rolling paper store you can find high-quality papers of many different well-known brands such as RAW (Organic, Artesano, Classic), Flamez, BREIT, Snoop Dogg, Greengo, Aleda and many more. King size rolling papers with free shipping from €75!


Buy a box of rolling papers

Why not buy rolling papers by the box? It is much cheaper than buying pack by pack at the gas station for rip-off prices! At Bongify you can easily order RAW, Greengo or Smoking rolling papers by the box for cheap (among other brands). And you won't run out of papers very soon when you buy a whole box, so you won't have to smoke your cannabis in regular tobacco papers anymore at those emergencies of when the king size papers are out. Order multiple rolling papers at once and take advantage of some good bulk discounts! Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message and we can probably help!

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