T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl"

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The T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl"  fits on all bongs or hand pipes with 14,5mm or 18,8mm standard grinding, no matter if male or female. Made of titanium, it is absolutely tasteless and almost indestructible. The bowl is steplike inside, all 'Black Leaf' bowl screens with 12.7mm, 15mm or 20mm diameter fit optimally so that the screen ensures the full hit as it almost 'floats' inside the bowl. For the customer this means: no more trouble with broken glass bowl - Black Leaf Rock´n Roll Bowl – One Bowl fits All!


About The T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl" 

  • Bong Bowl Made of T2 Titanium Grade 2
  • Fits on all SG14 or SG19 attachments (male and female)
  • Height: 67 / 71 millimeters
  • Absolutely tasteless and almost indestructable
  • All 'Black Leaf' Bowl Screens also fit perfectly
  • Lifetime Warranty


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