Aluminium Downstem & Steel Bowl with Rubber Seal

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This Aluminium Downstem & Steel Bowl with Rubber Seal enables you to make your own bongs and repair broken bongs. If you're on a tight budget, you can easily make your own bongs out of plastic bottles, soda cans and many other common household items using this metal replacement downstem. If you have a broken bong, why replace it if only the downstem is broken? You can now easily repair your bong for just a fraction of the price of a new one.

Thanks to of the rubber seal, you can be sure of an air-tight attachment of your downstem. The downstem is made of anodized high quality aluminum with a steel bowl, of which you can be sure that it won't bring along any funky metal or plastic taste. Because of the high quality materials this downstem is made of, you can be sure of a pure and tasty smoking experience.

The length of this downstem is 10 centimeters. This is the perfect replacement downstem for our AK-47 bong, our Tommy Gun Bong, Pistol Bong and Acrylic Bong


Aluminium Downstem & Steel Bowl with Rubber Seal overview

  • Bong Downtem made of Aluminium
  • With Steel Bowl and Rubber Seal
  • For making your own bong or replacing a broken downstem
  • Length: 10 Centimeters
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