'Black Leaf' Erich Honecker 'HoneyComb' Bong

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The second bong from the 'Black Leaf' series 'Dictators' is decorated with Erich Honecker. 'Honny' is not as up-to-date as Kim Jong and is no longer among the living, but he is definitely one of the inhumans who would not have been harmed by regular bong smoking...

But in contrast to the population which had to suffer under Honny's regime, this glass bong is equipped with everything the stoner heart desires: two 'HoneyComb' diffuser discs for finest bubbles which cool and filter the smoke pleasantly, a spacious ice chamber for even more cooling, a kickhole with plug which facilitates the cleaning and a herbal bowl with an already integrated glass screen.

The 'Erich Honey Comb' bong is handmade from the best borosilicate glass with a robust 5mm wall thickness, stands absolutely stable on the reinforced round base and has a comfortable rounded mouthpiece. And of course, the unique 'Erich Honey Comb' print was again penned by our designer Sly. And, the edition is limited again!


  Material: Borosilicate Glass
  Color: clear/blue
  Print: Black Leaf Logo
  Motive/Design: Erich Honey Comb
  Height: 400mm
  Diameter: 51mm
  Grind: SG 19 (18,8mm)
  Wall Thickness: 5mm
  Percolator: 2x HoneyComb Diffuser
  ICE: yes
  Kickhole: yes, with plug
  Oil: no
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