'Black Leaf' 'Windmill Percolator' Ice Bong 'Smoke Generator'

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We often tend to say that a bong is unique, but the 'Black Leaf' 'Windmill Percolator' Ice Bong 'Smoke Generator' really stands out. When you take a draw, the little windmill inside the bong starts spinning and creates an incredibly cool visual effect! 

This Icebong has a completely new way to energise and diffuse the smoke. Not only, is the down-pipe redundant, because the large 'Roll-Stop' bong bowl inserts directly into the flue, but the 'Smoke Generator' acts like a water-wheel and is spun by the smoke flowing up from the water-chamber, via a small hole in the glass disk, which separates the upper and lower chambers. The flue has a reinforced angled inlet with a sure ground SG 19 fitting and two inlet pipes. The upper section of the main tube comes with 3 'Ice-Notches'. The swirling and cooling make the smoke very smooth and pleasant. Impurities are filtered and left in the bong. Thus, smoking makes for so much fun!



  Material: Glass
  Color: clear/blue
  Print: 'Black Leaf' 'Smoke Generator'
  Height: 350mm
  Diameter: 50mm
  Grind: SG 19 (18,8mm)
  Wall Thickness: 5mm
  Percolator: Windmill
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