'Bong Master' 'Liquid' Cleaning Concentrate

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The cleaning concentrate 'Bong Master Liquid' by Near Dark is a 100% biodegradable and very efficient multicleaner. It completely removes stubborn smoke plaque of any smoking device, e.g. bongs, hand pipes, hookahs and vaporizers. Of course, it also cleans other things, too!

In contrast to the 'Bong Master Powder' (order no. 12 25 05), the 'Liquid' also reliably cleans almost all kinds of materials like metal, plastics, rubber, silicone, acrylic, ceramic, glass and even wood!

The multi cleaner cleans reliably, quickly, eco-friendly and neutral in odour and taste.

Depending on the degree of soiling, the concentrate is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 3 or 1: 5. Using warm water will increase the cleaning power. Contains sodium hydroxide, OH ions (hydroxyl ions). PH value 12.



  Material: Concentrate Liquid
  Aroma: Odour-free
  Info: PU 100ml Bottle
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