Bong Cleaning Brush

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A bong cleaning brush made of natural material. This bong brush is very stiff and long enough to clean hard to reach bong parts. Can be cleaned easily with alcohol or benzine and enjoy this bong cleaning brush over and over again.

You can use this bong brush in combination with a little bit of enthanol, benzine or bong cleaner to easily and thoroughly clean your glass bong. Benzine is cheap, works extremely well, and you won't smell a thing after rinsing it thoroughly with hot water. You can also use isopropyl alcohol, but that is a lot more expensive than bong cleaner or benzine, and not (much) more effective. For more information about cleaning bong, and for more bong cleaning products have a look at our category bong cleaning.


About the Bong Cleaning Brush

  • Easily clean your (glass) bong
  • This brush can be re-used many times
  • Long enough to clean most large bongs
  • Can be bent to clean hard-to-reach parts
  • Made of stiff, durable materials
  • Length: 24 Centimeters
  • Great quality, but best of all: Cheap!
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