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You're looking at our collection of Oil Bowls. With an oil bowl, or dab bowl, you can smoke hash oil (also kown as "dabs", "BHO" or "wax") in basically any bong. There are many different dab bowl types, such as glass dab nails, electric dab bowls, glass enails for dabbig, silicone dab bowls, and titanium dab bowls. You can also dab with a glass banger. Why would you look for complete dab bongs for sale, if you can get a dab bowl attachment for you current bong, and upgrade it into a full dab rig? Check out our selection of hash oil bowls below!

Dab Bowls for sale at Bongify

Bongify is the #1 Online Bong Shop of Europe, and we want to remain #1 by offering the best dab bowls for sale online. So what's better, a glass dab nail vs titanium? That depends: a titanium dab bowl is extremely durable, and usually lasts for life. It heats up quickly and easily, and we have several universal titanium dab bowls/nails available that fit nearly any bong! A glass oil bowl or glass dab nail is 100% taste-free and ensures the optimal flavour of your precious extracts. Quartz glass oil bowls are also very durable, and when used normally, can easily last for many years. Another great advantage of Quartz bowls is that they don't need to be cleaned after every use, you can simply re-heat them! So how does "dabbing" work? Simply heat up the oil bowl or dabs bowl with a torch lighter, let it cool down a little bit, and "dab" the concentrate into the oil bowl using a dab tool (or "dabbing wand"). We have glass dab tools for sale in our store. Besides glass and titanium, we also have ceramic oil bowls for dabbing. Ceramic dab bowls hold the heat especially well and are often used by "pro-dabbers". You can use a dab bowl cover, known as a "carb cap", to keep the vapor from escaping.

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