'Oil Black Leaf' Glass Oil Bowl 'Ball' with adapter

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With this 'Oil Black Leaf' Glass Oil Bowl 'Ball' with Adapter is an easy and luxurious way of enjoying extracts, dabs, concentrates and oil. This BHO Bowl has a 14,5mm (SG14) grinding which fits perfectly into any bong's SG14 socket, and comes with an included 18,8mm (SG19) adapter, so that you can also attach the oil ball to SG19 bongs and downstems without having to buy a seperate adapter or converter. The oil, dabs or concentrate is heated inside the bowl, which enables you to enjoy the pure flavour of your extracts without losing any of the precious oil vapour. The Oil Ball is made by the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf, and is part of the "Oil Black Leaf" range. The bowl is made of high quality glass, and is suitable for smoking or vaporizing basically any form of cannabis extracts such as budder, shatter, bho, and rosin. Why buy oil rigs, if you can simply upgrade the bong that's currently standing on your desk or in your closet? Simply order this genuine Black Leaf Oil Bowl 'Ball' with Adapter directly from the #1 Online Bong Specialist and save yourself a lot of money.

Attention: The oil bowl must be heated at the ball only, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.


'Oil Black Leaf' Glass Oil Bowl 'Ball' with Adapter overview

  • Glass Oil Bong Bowl for Extracts
  • Free Bong Adapter Included
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • From The "Oil Black Leaf" Series
  • Made of High Quality Glass
  • Suitable from SG14 and SG19 Bongs thanks to the adapter.
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