Quartz Insert Dish for Dabbing Banger

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This Quartz Insert Dish for Dabbing Banger is a simple and affordable way to keep your dabbing banger clean and to increase its lifespan. By using a quartz banger dish you eliminate the need to clean your oil banger, and after a while you can simply replace the insert dish instead of buying a whole new dabbing banger!

Keep your banger looking clean and brand new, even after hundreds of dabs! This simple yet effective invention protects your banger and minimizes wear, making it last much longer while preventing scratches and other damages to your precious banger. How does it work? You simply insert the banger dish into the banger, and that's it! Heat the banger from the bottom, as always. If you have an e-nail or heating spiral that fits on a banger with an inside diameter of 19mm, you can also use your e-nail or heating spiral to heat up the banger. You just use the banger like you normally would, but instead of dabbing the oil / dabs / concentrates directly into the banger, you now dab it into the dish. 

This insert dish for bangers is made of Quartz glass, making it very strong, durable and heat-proof. Thanks to the incredibly hard surface of the glass, the insert dish is easy to clean with the proper banger cleaning tools available in our store. If you are a little lazy, you can also choose not to clean it but to simply replace the dish after a while. Whether you want to do this or not, it is good to know that replacing only the insert dish is much cheaper than buying a new banger. The choice is yours!

There is another advantage of using an insert dish: if you have a carb cap that is too small for your current banger, you can use this insert dish to reduce the inside diameter of your banger, so that you can also work with smaller carb caps! Carb caps and everything else you need for dabbing concentrates is available in our store. We also sell complete dabbing banger kits with insert dishes included. If you already have one of those, or a different dabbing banger with a protective dish, you can use this insert bowl as a replacement insert dish for your current banger.

Bongify only sells genuine quartz glass dabbing bangers and insert dishes


About The Quartz Insert Dish for Dabbing Banger

  • Quartz Insert Dish / Banger Dish
  • Extend Lifespan of Dabbing Banger
  • More Affordable to Replace
  • Diameter: 19mm / 15mm
  • Height: 15mm
  • Made of Strong Quartz Glass
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