10-Arm Perculator Black Leaf Glass Ice Bong - in gift box

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The 10-Arm Perculator Black Leaf Glass Ice Bong - in gift box is a beautiful bong of very high quality, that comes in an elegant gift box with magnet closing and foam bedding to protect the glass. This percolator bong is made by the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf, and is one of the most gorgeous gifts you can give to a bong lover. This bong is made of high quality borosilicate glass, also known as borium silicate glass or "Pyrex". This glass gives the bong extra strength, and makes it more heat- and scratch-resistant. The whole appearance of this bong is one of pure luxury and quality, which is reinforced by the imposing 10-arm Percolator. Thanks to this perculator, that you can fill with water, the smoke is cooled and filtered many times better than in a bong without a percolator. This makes the smoke much smoother and less scratchy, which enables you to easily inhale much more smoke at once and cough less. The water in the percolator also filters more tar and other impurities out of the smoke, which results in a cleaner and healthier inhaled smoke. Is the smoke not soft and cool enough for you yet? Simply throw in some bong ice cubes. The ice notches keep ice cubes in place for extra cooling. However, this bong is magnificent enough without ice cubes, so they're definitely not a must. This bong is relatively large; 46 centimeters, and is available in several different colours. Which ever colour you choose, every one has the same luxurious and expensive appearance. This is partly thanks to the marvelous finish of every single part of the bong. Looking to buy a bong? You can't go wrong with this one. The included diffuser downstem has a SG19 (18,8mm) bong fitting / attachment and can be used in combination with an SG14 (14,5mm) bowl. The dimensions of the gift box are 520x225x170mm. The gift box is decorated with a golden Black Leaf logo. The "Splash Guard" ensures no splash of bong water will ever reach the inside of your mouth. German quality by Black Leaf!


10-Arm Perculator Black Leaf Glass Ice Bong - in gift box overview

  • 10-Arm Percolator Bong
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • With Ice Notches (Ice Bong)
  • "Black Leaf Glass" logo
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box
  • 46 Centimeters Tall (relatively large)
  • SG19 (18,8mm) downstem with SG14 (14,4mm) bowl
  • Diffuser Downstem included (14 cm long)
  • Available in multiple colours
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