420 Dutch Highlife Bong

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 The 420 Dutch Highlife Bong is the perfect way of supporting legalization in the Netherlands. This simple bong is made of strong glass, and is beautifully decoratred with a 420 Dutch High Life logo. Thanks to the stable foot, this glass bong stands firmly on a flat surface. The glass is 2,5mm thick, thick enough to grant this bong a sturdy feel. The carbhole, sometimes also named kickhole, enables you to blow enormous clouds of smoke, because you can easily draw all smoke out of the bong at once without even lifting out the bowl. Not only is this much more comfortable, it also keeps your fingers from getting burned. The bong comes with an included downstem and bowl with a SG14 (14,5mm) fitting. This downstem can easily be replaced with a diffuser downstem, should you want to upgrade it. It's even possible to arm this bong with a pre-cooler or an ash catcher, if you're really into luxury. Show the world and the Dutch politicians that you're a true 420 supporter with this original 420 Dutch Highlife Bong from Bongify, the #1 Bong Specialist. 


420 Dutch Highlife Bong overview

  • Simple Glass Bong with 420 Dutch Highlife logo
  • Average Size: 31 centimeters Tall
  • Stable foot for adequate stability
  • Fitting / grinding: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • 2,5 mm Thick Glass
  • Free 420 Dutch Highlife sticker included
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