Grace Glass 'OG Series' Recycler Bong

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Although this Grace Glass 'OG Series' Recycler Bong bears the name “recycler bong”, that does not mean that this bong is made from recycled glass. Recycler Bong simply means that the water is sucked up to a second chamber, after which it then returns to the lower chamber. But what is it made of? Of the very best heat-resistant, extremely durable and scratch-resistant borosilicate glass (also known under the brand name “Pyrex”) of course!

The Grace Glass 'OG Series' Recycler Bong has a height of 34 centimeters and is therefore an average size bong. Easy to store and to take with you, but also large enough to comfortably enjoy your smoke. And you certainly will enjoy it, because in addition to the recycler system, this bong is also equipped with a so-called “shower head diffuser”, which ensures that the smoke is properly dispersed through the water when it enters the bong. By properly distributing the smoke through the water, the smoke is cooled a lot better (making it softer on the throat), but also partially purified from unwanted particles. Part of the tar that is in the smoke will remain in the bong water, and will not end up in your lungs!

The bong is equipped with an 18.8 mm (or SG19) connection for the bowl. Thanks to this universal connection you can connect almost all other bong bowls with the same size indication to the bong, if you are not satisfied with the included glass bowl with handle. It is also possible to expand the bong with, for example, a pre-cooler for improving the quality of the smoke, but you can also transform it into a real dab rig by installing an oil nail or banger on it! You have plenty of options with this stylish recycler bong.

Not only the functions are a reason to purchase this Grace Glass bong, but also the overall quality and high level of finish. The triangular shape at the bottom of the bong's curved neck ensures that no water or bubbles are sucked up (and end up in your mouth through the mouthpiece), and the extremely thick glass base immediately makes it clear that this is not a budget model of which you should be ashamed. The Grace Glass logo is gracefully applied to the neck, and shows that this is a true piece of craftsmanship from the Dutch bong masters of Grace Glass.

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About The Grace Glass 'OG Series' Recycler Bong:

  • Made by Grace Glass
  • High-Quality Borosilicate glass (Pyrex)
  • 34 Centimeters Tall
  • 18.8mm (SG19) Bowl Connection
  • With 6-arm Percolator system
  • With "Shower head" diffuser
  • Without Carb Hole / Air Hole
  • Bowl with Glass Handle included
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