"Black Leaf" 4-Arm Tree-Percolator Ice Bong Amber

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The "Black Leaf" 4-Arm Tree-Percolator Ice Bong Amber is a fantastic all-round glass percolator bong. Thanks to the diffuser downstem, the 4-arm tree percolator and the possibility of adding ice cubes, this bong provides an incredible smoking experience at a very reasonable price. The smoke is cooled and filtered very well by the 4-arm tree perc and diffuser downstem, with the result that unwanted particles (such as tar) remain in the bong water. The smoke coming through the mouthpiece is gentle, smooth and much healthier. 

Have you ever smoked an ice bong before? If you have, you must know how well ice cubes work to cool down the smoke. If you're looking to get the best out of your bong, be sure to try smoking with some ice! This bong has ice notches in the cylinder to protect the percolator and hold ice cubes in place, so whether you plan on using it with or without ice, it's good to know that you have the possibility! The height of this percolator bong is 40 centimeters, and the wall is made of 5mm thick glass. The diffuser downstem has an outer diameter of 18,8mm (SG19), and has a so-called "inside cut" grind of 14,5mm (SG14) in which the herb bowl fits. A handy little feature is that the bowl has a "roll-stop", to prevent it from rolling off a desk or table. 


About The "Black Leaf" 4-Arm Tree-Percolator Ice Bong Amber

  • Made by Black Leaf
  • 4-Arm Tree Percolator
  • Ice Notches (Ice Bong)
  • Height: 40 centimeters
  • Borosilicate Glass (5mm thick)
  • SG 19/14 (18,8mm / 14,5mm)
  • With 'Black Leaf' logo
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