Black Leaf Glass Ice Double Drum Percolator Bong

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This Black Leaf Glass Ice Double Drum Percolator Bong is made by the renowned German bong manufacturer Black Leaf. Thanks to the double drum percolator, this bong made of high-quality 7 milimeters thick borosilicate glass cools and filters the smoke exceptionally well, which translates into very soft, tasty and pleasant smoke clouds. This percolator bong is 45 centimeters tall. Thanks to the thick glass, blue color and the look of pure quality, this impressive bong is, besides a water pipe, also a beautiful decoration. The diameter of the tube is 65 mm at the bottom, and 51 mm at the upper part. The dome diffuser at the top of the bong not only ensures that the smoke is concentrated one last time, but also serves as a so-called "splash guard", which means that you can not get splashes in your mouth during the lungs.

The ice-notches for ice cubes ensure that you can safely put ice cubes in the neck of the bong, making the smoke even better cooled. Ice cubes make this bong complete, but are absolutely not a must. This bong has a bowl fitting SG19 (18.8mm), which means that most bowls in our webshop, with or without adapter, fit this bong. The downstem is fixed to the outside of the cylinder at this bong, so there is no seperate downstem. Also, this bong does not have a kickhole, but a bowl with a handle to lift out the bowl, which basically functions as a kickhole. This type of bongs is very popular in the USA, and that is not surprising: without a seperate downstem this bong gives you a sense of quality and durability, which is reinforced by the 7 milimeter thick glass.

A real Gold Line bong and very recommended


  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass
  • Filters and cools the smoke exceptionally well
  • 45 centimeters high
  • Tube diameter: 65/51 mm
  • Grind / Fitting / Connection: SG19 (18.8mm)
  • Thick glass (7 milimeter thick)
  • Double drum percolator
  • Dome diffuser / splash guard
  • With ice-indentations for ice cubes
  • Without kickhole
  • Bowl has a handle
  • Perfect cooling and filtration
  • No seperate downstem
  • Made by Black Leaf
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