Black Leaf Recycler Bong Perco for Herbs & Oil

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Looking for an affordable dab rig? This cute Black Leaf Recycler Bong Perco for Herbs & Oil is a fantastic entry-level bong that will also satisfy heavy smokers, because it comes with both a lift-off herb bowl for smoking dry herbs, AND with a dabbing banger for vaporizing oil/wax! Even though it is a simple bong/rig, it is made of high quality scientific glass and is therefore very durable.

To spoil you with a smooth and refined smoking experience that is not too scratchy on the throat, this bubbler is equipped with a drum percolator. This perc increases the surface area of the smoke, which allows the water to cool and filter the smoke or oil vapour very well.

The dabbing banger and dry herb bowl both fit perfectly thanks to their SG14 (14,5mm) joint size. This universal joint size also allows you to equip it with any other bowl or banger/nail, or to use a carbon filter for bongs or pre-cooler for an even better smoking experience.

As a result of the coloured glass combined with the recycle-tube, these small dab bongs look futuristic, artsy and more expensive than it really is. Although they look quite modern and sleek, these bongs are real eye-catchers.

But the cool design of this bong offers much more than just good looks: the recycle pipe has a big impact on the quality of the smoke and the smoothness of your bong hit. It allows the raised water to flow back into the water chamber again and again, and is enriched with fresh oxygen each time. Many dirty particles are filtered out in the process and settle on the bong wall. By the way, these can be easily removed with a good bong cleaner without leaving any residue. Conveniently, the reflux arm can be used as a handle, making the borosilicate glass bong very handy and easy to hold.

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About The Black Leaf Recycler Bong Perco for Herbs & Oil

  • Herb Bong & Dab Rig
  • Made by Black Leaf®
  • Borosilicate Glass (Scientific Glass)
  • Height: 26 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 100/25mm
  • Joint Size: SG 14 (14,5mm)
  • With Drum Percolator
  • With Recycler Chamber
  • No Kickhole / Carbhole
  • Herb Bowl & Oil Banger Included
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