'Black Leaf' Straight Ice Bong with 4-Arm Percolator

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For all those who prefer a smaller and handier size, this cute 'Black Leaf' Straight Ice Bong with 4-Arm Percolator is perfect. It has everything that the big water pipes have: an adapter with diffuser slits, a 4-arm percolator, an ice chamber, a lift-off herb bowl and a kickhole with plug.

The definition of a percolator bong is a bong equipped with a so-called percolator, which is a device that improves the cooling and filtration capabilities of the bong water. If you're looking for a high quality percolator bong for sale at a very good price, this is one of the best choices available. Because of the strong borosilicate glass ("scientific glass", "Pyrex"), this bong is incredibly strong and durable. It's also scratch-proof and heat-proof, which enables you to wash it out under the hot tap without breaking the glass. The glass is also thicker than average (5mm), and also the round glass foot and mouthpiece are made of thick glass.

Thanks to the diffuser downstem (SG19), the smoke is cooled very effectively as soon as it enters the bong. It spreads the smoke through the water and makes the water cool and filter the smoke much better than with a regular downstem. This bong is equipped with a kickhole (carbhole), but it can be closed off using the included rubber plug. This makes it easier to clean the bong (because you can soak it), but it also gives you a choice: smoke using the kickhole, or plug it off and lift the bowl to clear the bong? You can do both, because the glass bowl (SG14) has a glass handle that lets you lift the bowl up without burning your fingers (hence the name "lift off bowl").

Improve the quality of the smoke even further by adding ice cubes to cool the smoke down. They will be held in place by the ice holders just above the percolator. You don't necessarily need to use ice, but it greatly enhances the smoothness of the smoke. And the hit is in no way inferior to that of a big bong!

Bongify only sells GENUINE borosilicate glass Black Leaf bongs


About The 'Black Leaf' Straight Ice Bong with 4-Arm Percolator

  • Cheap Percolator Bong
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass (5mm Thick)
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Ice Notches (Ice Bong)
  • Diffuser Downstem (10cm long)
  • With 4-Arm Percolator
  • Kickhole / Carbhole (with rubber plug)
  • Diameter: 45 Millimeters
  • Grind: SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
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