'Blaze Glass' 2x Drum Percolator Bong

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If you're looking for an afforable high-end borosilicate glass percolator bong, then this multi-chambered 'Blaze Glass' 2x Drum Percolator Bong is one you should definitely consider buying. Because this bong is handmade of the best borosilicate glass of 5 millimeters thick, this heavyweight bong is not only comfortable to hold and nicely finished, but also very robust and extremely durable. The heavy round foot ensures plenty of stability. This bong can easily last for many years. 

The double drum perc bong comes with a glass bowl for dry herbs which has an extra large intake hole for optimal airflow and a practical handle for lifting the bowl out of the bong to simulate the "carb hole" or airhole effect. But the handle has another cool feature: it serves as a roll-stop, to prevent the bowl from rolling off the table or any other flat surface. The silver 'Blaze Glass' logo is discreetly placed over the base of the bong, and is a cool extra touch of luxury and smoking in style. The mouthpiece is rounded for pleasant inhalation, but then again; how could you expect any less from a real Blaze Glass piece?

But the best thing about this bong is the double drum percolator. The percolator provides powerful swirling of the smoke, which enables the water to cool and filter the smoke very effectively. The result: a smooth, comfortable, huge bong hit without (much) coughing. A luxurious smoking device that puts a smile on your face every time you use it. This bong is made by the renowned German bong brand Blaze Glass, which stands for afforable smoking luxury. Bongify only sells genuine Blaze Glass bongs. Buy this Blaze Glass 2x Drum Percolator Bong directly from Bongify, the #1 Bong Specialist of Europe!


About The 'Blaze Glass' 2x Drum Percolator Bong

  • Handmade of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Equipped with a Double Drum Percolator
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Height: 38,5 Centimeters
  • Grind / Bowl Socket: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Thick Glass (5 millimeters thick)
  • With Silver "Blaze Glass" Logo
  • Glass Bowl With Handle Inlcuded
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