Blaze Glass Recycle Dab Rig

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The 'Recycler' is another 'Blaze Glass' revolution in water-pipe design. Vapor is drawn in, after dabbing on the included quartz glass 'Oil Nail' then flows down in and enters the water-chamber via the slits in the down-pipe. From there, the diffused vapor and water are pulled up into the condesation chamber, where they separate. The water condenses, dripping back down, to refill the water-chamber while the vapor is inhaled through round mouth-piece.

This glass recycler dab rig is fitted with an old-school oil nail and dome. This works perfectly fine, but if you want to use a more modern dabbing banger or terp slurper, we have everything you need in stock right here at Bongify. This rig has a universal SG14F (14mm female) joint size, so you can use basically all modern oil nails and bangers with this dab rig.


Dab rigs explained

What is a dab rig used for? Dab rigs are a special kind of bong or bubbler, intended for "dabbing", or in other words: smoking cannabis concentrates or "dabs". There are several different types of dab rigs, but normally you heat up the glass bowl ("banger") or oil nail first and then dab the concentrate onto the hot oil nail. It rapidly condenses and goes up into smoke, which you then inhale through the dab rig. See all of our dab rigs here.

This particular model is a double recycle dab rig (dual chamber recycler dab rig), because it has two chambers. This is also called a vortex recycler dab rig, because of the way the water flows down into the recycler pipe (in the shape of a vortex). But let's be honest: whatever this little blue recycler dab rig is called, it's a unique piece that will definitely bring you tons of smoking fun.. or actually.. dabbing fun!

There are various dab rig sizes that people look for, and this 8 inch dab rig is one of the perfect sizes that everyone wants. It's not too big to dab comfortably, and it's not too small so the nail isn't too close to your face. Thanks to the design of this particular piece, with the mouthpiece bent away from the nail in the front - there is plenty of space to work, and you can perfectly see where you're actually dabbing your goo!

Blaze Glass - the best German dab rigs

This rig is made by the German company Blaze Glass, which is considered one of the absolute best bong brands in the world. The high-quality glass and dazzling designs are incredibly popular all over the world, and the value of Blaze bongs and rigs often increases over time because there is a huge second-hand market for them. This brand has been around for many years, and will surely be only more popular in the future. Fantastic products at a reasonable price: that's what the Germans do best!

Attention: The Oil-Nail must be heated only on the top, otherwise the grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the nail.


About The Blaze Glass Recycle Dab Rig (overview)

  • 8 Inch Recycler Dab Rig (22,5cm tall)
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Colour: Blue/Black/Clear
  • Joint Size: SG 14F (14,5mm female)
  • 4mm Thick Glass
  • With Inline Diffuser
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