Large assortment
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Large assortment
Always the lowest price
Free shipping from €150 (EU)

6 may 2024

Buy a bong in Amsterdam

Welcome to Bongify, the #1 online European Bong Specialist. If you’re looking to buy a bong in Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place. On our website, you will find a selection of mostly high-quality bongs being sold for low prices.

Free cannabis seeds with every order

That’s right! We ship free cannabis seeds with every order. The possession of cannabis seeds is legal in the Netherlands, but germination and cultivation are not. The free cannabis seeds we ship are meant as a souvenir and not for growing. All customers are responsible for their own actions with these seeds. We take no responsibility for any crimes committed by anyone who has directly or indirectly received any of our products or seeds, regardless of the country or location.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping to Amsterdam for every order with a subtotal of at least €75,-. So don’t bother looking for a bong in Amsterdam, because you can save yourself some time and gas money by simply ordering a bong online.

Soft Glass Bongs

Although we specialize in high-quality hardened glass bongs, you can also find some very cheap soft glass bongs on our website. Check out our Bronze Line for soft glass bongs.

Hardened Glass Bongs & Percolator Bongs

Most of our bongs are made of borosilicate glass, hardened glass, also known as pyrex. These high-quality smoking pieces are the most popular and the main product we offer. We also sell many different sorts of percolator bongshoneycomb bongs and oil rigs

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