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29 april 2024

Coffeeshop Paradox in Weert | Review

The Paradox Coffeeshop in Weert has been around for decades, but it's not as well-known as some other coffeeshops in Limburg. We went to Weert to check out the Paradox Coffeeshop and review it based on the weed and hash, value for money, the ambiance, and of course; the coffee. Read our review of Coffeeshop Paradox in Weert here.


Coffeeshop Paradox Weert


Coffeeshop Paradox in Weert: Parking

What about parking near the Paradox Coffeeshop? First of all, the Paradox is at walking distance away from the train station in Weert, so if you're planning to use the public transport, you won't have any trouble reaching this coffeeshop. But what about cars? If you own a car, being able to park right in front of the coffee shop is great. Just like the Black Widow in Maastricht, the Paradox has a parking lot right in front of the door (actually, you need to cross the street first, but yeah..). This parking lot is meant for visitors of the train station, and there's more than enough parking space. When we were there, the barriers were open and parking was free, but according to the signage the regular parking fee is only €1,20 per hour. So there's no worrying about spending more money on parking than on weed while sitting inside the coffeeshop. The Paradox is easy to reach for both car owners and people using the public transport / train system.


 Coffeeshop Paradox Weert Amnesia


Coffeeshop Paradox in Weert: The First Impression

From the outside, the Paradox Coffeeshop looks somewhat like a regular café. The shop is easily recognised thanks to the sign hangout on the outside, but other than that it looks very discreet and neat. When entering the Paradox we were greeted exceptionally friendly by the security guard at the entrance. Of course, it is always being able to walk into the coffeeshop with a genuine smile on your face. We also noticed that everyone coming óut of the coffeeshop had smiles on their faces as well. A good sign if you ask us.

The Coffeeshop is very nicely decorated on the inside, with three different rooms in different "styles". The room where you enter the coffeeshop looks quite traditional, while the smoking rooms look very modern yet cozy and inviting. You can log in to the Paradox WiFi network for free, and even take a bowl of free nuts from the machine! You can see that the staff really did their best to make this a comfortable and homey coffeeshop, and to make their customers happy. In the smoking area you will find a vending machine with different kinds of candy and crisps. You can also order a sandwich (tosti) for €2,50 if you get the munchies. We only took a cappuccino. This was quite strong: if you like strong coffee, we definitely recommend trying the cappuccino (or other coffee) in the Paradox Coffeeshop. If you don't like strong coffee, simply throw in some more milk and you probably will like it.


 Photo Coffeeshop Paradox Weert


The Weed in Paradox Coffeeshop Weert

One of the most important aspects of a coffee shop is of course the weed and hash. The price list / menu didn't look too different from most other coffeeshops in Limburg: they had a few Haze strains, some Kush crossings and white strains such as White Widow, as well as spacecake and pre-rolled joints. The prices were quite average: not too expensive, but also not very cheap. The great thing about this coffeeshop is that you can also buy larger bags (up to 5 grams) of cannabis or hash, at cheaper prices. We took a gram of Amnesia (€12) and a gram of Paradox Special (€13 (Cheese x Kush). These strains were both really good, especially the Paradox Special. This Cheese / Kush hybrid is exceptionally tasty and brings along a truly pleasant high. The Amnesia was also definitely not bad. The Paradox Special was reccommended to us by the lady who was helping us when we asked for the best strain, and it probably was.


 Amnesia in Paradox Weert


Coffeeshop Paradox for Foreigners?

Is it possible to buy weed in the Paradox in Weert as a foreigner, for example as a German or Belgian? We noticed that when entering the Paradox Coffeeshop, we didn't have to show any proof of living in the Netherlands (only the regular ID for age verification). We thought this was strange, because in Maastricht and Sittard the coffeeshops are obliged to check whether you're actually living in the Netherlands. But inside the Paradox all doubt was taken away, because it is clearly stated that this coffeeshop does not discriminate on the basis of origin or residence. That means that the Paradox Coffeeshop is open to Belgians, Germans, French and other foreigners! (April 26, 2018)


Paradox Weert Menu


Coffeeshop Paradox Weert Opening Hours

Below you can find the opening hours for Paradox Coffeeshop in Weert. These opening hours are derived from Google in May 1st, 2018.

  • Monday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Tuesday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Wednesday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Friday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Saturday: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00


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