Bong Adapter Clamp SG 29 (29mm)

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This Bong Adapter Clamp SG 29 (29mm) is a simple way of securing the attachment of bong parts and preventing anything from coming loose unexpectedly. Although plastic is not always the most preferrable material for bong-related items, it has one huge advantage: plastic is softer than glass, and therefore it will not scratch or damage your bong. Hold any SG29 connection together without having to worry about parts falling off and getting damaged. Perfect for the Blaze Mix & Match series, but also for SG29 downstems, bowls and precoolers on bongs with a universal SG29 (29mm) "sure grind" adapter. 

Looking for a metal SG29 bong adapter clamp?


About The Bong Adapter Clamp SG 29 (29mm)

  • Bong Clip / Adapter Clamp
  • For SG 29 (29mm)
  • Made of Plastic
  • Keep Your Bong Safe
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