'BongClip®' Stainless Steel Adapter Clamp SG24 (24mm)

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This 'BongClip®' Stainless Steel Adapter Clamp SG24 (24mm) is a high quality bong clip for SG24 (24mm) bong connections. This so-called keck clip keeps two bong parts safely together and prevents the parts from coming apart when you don't expect it. This is perfect for protecting Mix & Match bongs or to keep other SG24 parts in place, both horizontally and vertically. Save your bongs and hundreds of euros by preventing accidents with this simple but revolutionairy little invention!

These bong clips cost slightly more than some others, for two main reasons: they're made in Germany of the highest quality spring steel for optimal durability and security, and to prevent damage to your precious glass waterpipe, the clips are nicely polished. That means: no sharp edges or anything else that could scratch your glass bong.

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Bongify only sells genuine BongClip® keck clips


About The 'BongClip®' Stainless Steel Adapter Clamp SG24 (24mm)

  • Bong Clamp / Keck Clip
  • For SG24 (24mm)
  • Made of Metal (Spring Steel)
  • By BongClip®
  • Made in Germany
  • Polished
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