Amsterdam Bongs

Amsterdam Bongs are best known for their fantastic value for money. These Glass Amsterdam Bongs are very reasonably priced bongs that are often equipped with percolators, diffusers and ice notches to provide the best possible smoking experience. Bongify is your official Amsterdam Bong shop offering only the best glass bongs and accessories available on the market. Amsterdam bongs and pipes are very well suited for beginner bong smokers as well as experienced tokers, thanks to their handy medium size and fantastic quality for its price range. In fact, we think it would be very hard to find any other brand that offers the Amsterdam bong quality at the same price of these magnificent pieces! As you can see, the Amsterdam bong prices are much lower than any bong for sale in Amsterdam (The city of A'dam is not known for low prices, but we are!) 

So, whether you're planning to smoke a bong in Amsterdam or to buy a little piece of Amsterdam for smoking in the comfort of your own house, these cheap glass bongs will definitely do the trick! And because of their relatively simple designs, it is not very hard to clean these bongs when you're using the right bong cleaner. As you can see, the Amsterdam bongs are unfortunately not equipped with any oil bowls, oil nails or dabbing bangers, but that's no issue! You can easily turn these bongs into true dab rigs by simply equipping it with the right bong accessories, which are also available in our store. Looking for Grace Glass Amsterdam bongs?

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