Thug Life Sidecar Dab Rig with Mushroom Perc

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The Thug Life Sidecar Dab Rig with Mushroom Perc is the perfect blend between a functional dab rig and a beautiful piece of glass art. Thanks to its simple yet playfully elegant design, it looks good in any interior style. And more importantly: the Mushroom Perc and splash guard guarantee a delicious bong hit or dab session every time again.

With a compact size of 23 centimeters in height and made of high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass ("Scientific Glass"), this is a great and versatile dab rig or bubbler bong for beginning smokers as well as hardened smoker veterans. The mushroom perc doesn't just look very decorative; it also diffuses the smoke through the water for better cooling and filtration (which results in a cooler and smoother hit). Because of its compact size, the Thug Life Sidecar Rig provides a pure and unaltered flavour of what you're smoking. The overall finishing is very nice with a comfortable mouthpiece, stable round foot, and the almost obnoxious "Thug Life" logo in shiny gold printed on the sidecar mouthpiece.

For those who don't know: "dabbing" means smoking cannabis concentrates or "dabs" using a special bong called a "dab rig". You dab the extract or concentrate onto a hot oil nail or terp slurper, after which the concentrate evaporates into a thick cloud of red-eye smoke that you then inhale through the dab rig's mouthpiece. It may seem a little complicated or intimidating at first, but actually, dabbing is quite easy.

This dab rig comes with a classic oil nail and dome. This works perfectly fine, but nowadays most dabbers or concentrate smokers prefer to use a dabbing banger or even a more sophisticated terp slurper. These are basically upgraded oil nails that aim to improve the dabbing experience while minimizing the amount of concentrate lost in the process. So if you want the best possible dabbing experience, consider upgrading from your nail and dome to a newer type banger or terp slurper. If you want to smoke herbs using this sidecar rig, that's also perfectly possible: simply replace the oil nail and dome with an SG14 (14,5mm) female bong bowl and you can use it for dry herbs and other substances as well!

Some people might say: this bong is too hard to clean, you cannot reach the inside of the bong with a brush. Well, it's true that you can't really get inside the bong with a brush, but that doesn't have to be an issue at all. If you simply use SmokeWater Magic Bong Water to prevent your bong from getting dirty, you can simply flush out all of the tar and other residues after you're done smoking. Or get yourself some Bong Shine cleaning powder, which basically cleans the bong automatically with some hot water. In other words: this bong is really easy to keep clean if you use the correct cleaning products.

Bongify only sells GENUINE Thug Life bongs and dab rigs!


About The Thug Life Sidecar Dab Rig with Mushroom Perc

  • Sidecar Dab Rig / Bubbler
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Comes with Oil Nail + Dome
  • With Mushroom Percolator
  • Joint Size: SG14 F (14,5mm female)
  • Height: 23 Centimeters
  • Colour: Green
  • No Kickhole / Carbhole
  • With Thug Life logo
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