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Even though by definition basically every bong is a "cool bong", for the fact that it cools down the smoke using water, this category contains the "really" cool bongs or special bongs: bongs shaped like a gun (AK-47, Tommy Gun). Zongs (Z-shaped bongs), cool percolator bongs, cool ice bongs, real "bong art" like the Galileo's SteamOMeter Bong, the windmill bong, cool bongs for girls, and gas mask bongs. Besides, which bong is really cool is obviously also a matter of personal preference, but you'll probably agree that (most of) the bongs in this category are simply really cool!

The era of bongs started with simple and quite "boring" bongs. Those days are gone: nowadays even the simplest bongs are often decorated with beautiful details, special functions, colored cooling coils, and moving parts. Bongify is always aware of the latest bong trends and is, therefore, the #1 Online Bong Shop in the Netherlands!

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